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Garrett Conley

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Personal Trainer

Personal Training

You will have your ASCENT Coach’s full attention in 1-on-1 personal training sessions. Your trainer will create a fitness plan just for you and your specific needs! The ASCENT concept is to strengthen the body for specific lifts, changing the repetitions over time to create muscle confusion. This provides optimum gains in strength, growth and conditioning. At ASCENT, we explain how specific movements benefit your long-term success. You will learn proper form and technique. In addition, we track your weight and record your progress. Our trainers will even let you have a little fun running through our obstacle course to test out your newly acquired skills.

Nutritional Counseling

ASCENT offers personalized nutrition plans tailored to your individual goals! Meal plans are available for weight loss, building muscle, increasing energy and general wellness. Nutrition sessions include a comprehensive nutrition counseling assessment with our registered dietitian, Tim Holtorf. Based on your assessment and in consideration of your individual goals, we provide you with a personalized diet plan. Tim will also explain how your total calories, macronutrients, micronutrients and nutrient timing is combined in this plan to help maximize your true potential.

Anthony Langtimm

ASCENT Owner & Founder

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Build beyond limits.  Tony

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Founder of ASCENT Gym & Ascent Wellness Program, Certified Personal Trainer, ASCENT Fitness Designer