ASCENT Gym is a fitness community for EVERY BODY! We have developed the ASCENT Method to challenge and assist ALL of our members, regardless of their background or abilities, as they work toward their fitness goals. The team atmosphere of ASCENT’s small group classes allows each individual to receive ample attention and support from our trainers and encouragement from other members so that they may continually attain more than they think themselves capable of. ASCENT-ers elevate one another and climb toward their goals together!

  • Accelerate

  • Strengthen

  • Condition

  • Explode

  • Nutrition

  • Test for Progress


This is our heart rate phase, where we bring the heart rate up to 80% of your maximum effort in order to burn calories faster over time, prepare the heart for longer workouts and attack the longer strands of muscle designed to do the long term work.  These workouts consist of higher repetitions and lighter weight.


Repetitions are little shorter in this phase, ranging from 6-8, and we focus on bigger and stronger movements.  You will find yourself moving with better control and heavier weights.  We don’t rush this side of our training, our Coaches focus on form to ultimately avoid injury and benefit your progress. These workouts consist of lower repetitions and heavy weight.


This is our growth or hypertrophy phase.  To gain the use of more muscle we add in more repetitions with less of a rest period. Yep, it’s just a lot of reps, with a lot of sets.  You will feel the soreness in your body, but your muscles will not necessarily get bigger in this phase.  We find the body can take this only for so long, so it’s a little shorter of a phase to give you a chance to truly recover.  Through this phase we add in more movement to your end of class conditioning to open up the body and ultimately help your muscles heal.


This is our power phase.  Nope, we aren’t training to be Olympic champions. However, we are training to be stronger, faster and more powerful.  We find this is a function of life, a skill that can benefit our members in situations where emergencies happen.  It’s a fight or flight response, and we choose to fight!  Some of our explosive routines may include kickboxing, track and field movements such as throws and broad jumps and of course tossing a hammer at a tire (because who doesn’t want to do that!).


We’ve got three physique coaches and a registered dietitician on our ASCENT team. We recommend taking advantage of their advice for a nutrition plan that fits what you want out of your fitness journey. We offer personalized nutrition plans tailored to your individual goals!  Meal plans are available for weight loss, building muscle, increasing energy, eating mindfully and even general wellness. Nutrition sessions include a comprehensive nutrition counseling assessment with our Dietitian, Tim Holtorf, NDTR. Our Coaches will explain how your total calories, macronutrients, micronutrients and nutrient timing is combined in this plan to help maximize your true potential.  Remember, you can’t out train a bad diet! 

Test for Progress

Every 4-6 weeks we have our members test their lifts, whether it’s for a 3 rep maximum lift or for endurance in an exercise.  We record the progress of the lifts and even have a little fun running through our homemade obstacle course challenges to see where all of your hard work pays off in your movement.  Why do you do it?  Because you want to be better, and we want to show you that you are succeeding!

Ascent Gym weight room


Our program is designed to start you from the very beginning.  As our logo suggests, fitness is an uphill battle that we believe shouldn’t be done alone.  We start all of our members in a Base Camp Class to teach you the correct form of all of our core lifts. These classes can be taken as many times as you like before you enter into our program as we know it’s important that you feel comfortable with what you’re doing. Once you’re ready our trainers take you under their wing and ensure all the skills you learned in the Base Camp Class transfer over to each ASCENT fitness class. From there it’s all about progress, tracking how well you do in our core lifts, having a great time with very supportive coaches and members, and just kicking butt.